March 6, 2012 § 3 Comments

I’m Messy Mama. I’ve got two kids, boys. They fascinate me. Messy Boy is three years old and likes to tell everybody this. Messy Baby is three months old and would probably also tell everybody if he had the language skills. As it is he burbles and coos and tells you great and unimaginable secrets in a language that only he, Messy Boy and God understand.

The “messy” part refers not just to the state of our house, but to probably one of the biggest things that becoming a parent has taught me: how to deliberately not be “in control”. By this I don’t mean that things are just out of control in our house and lives – far from it! I believe children were born with instincts for a reason, and my learning to trust those instincts has been an amazing journey.

Life can be messy, it doesn’t play by our rules. It’s how we roll with it that makes a difference.

My husband says life is like riding a mountain bike through the hills. Sometimes it’s a hard upward slog, sometimes there are plateaus to enjoy. There are valleys and there are high places, there are hills, rivers, lakes, trees – beauty everywhere you look. Sometimes the sun is there, sometimes it’s cloudy, sometimes it’s raining. Sometimes it’s hot. Cold. And there are downhill times where if you have confidence enough you can ride down at breakneck speed for an exhilarating rush!

Join us on this adventure into a happily messy place. I’m hoping to release some exciting news soon, so watch this space!


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