Proud Mama!

March 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Took the Messy Children swimming this morning. Messy Boy went swimming two weeks’ ago but before that it’d been about 6 months since he had a lesson. He got star of the week, I was SO proud. My little swimtot. He loves swimming. He has such confidence in the water!

Messy Baby however has been a rather different kettle of fish, so to speak, although Husband did confide to me that when Messy Boy was a baby and we started swimming lessons and he’d take him, Messy (then) Baby would scream blue murder and totally freak out in the pool.

So. First lesson. Messy Baby fell asleep JUST as the swimming teacher said ok babies, in you come! He was seriously unimpressed and screamed until we took him out. 5 minutes that lesson lasted.

Second lesson. I though ok, I’ll make sure he has a sleep before we go in! So he did, amazingly, and woke up in time to get into his swim things. However I didn’t factor in that he would very likely wake up hungry after a decently long sleep. He screamed and sobbed, this time we managed 10 minutes before giving up, not really wanting his first experiences with swimming to be associated with screaming.

Third lesson. Today! He got maybe a half an hour snooze beforehand. I woke him up 15 minutes before the lesson and snuck into the changing room to give him a quick feed. I think in all honestly I was very very lucky that he didn’t bring it up in the pool!! BUT it worked. He was a happy baby having slept a bit and eaten a bit. He LOVED it. I even got a couple of smiles from him. He did dives and swims and swooshes and dips and managed the entire lesson.

Star of the week, was Messy Baby!

I am a very proud mama today.


Messy painting resumes next week, and in the meantime think of me as I wrestle with business plans!


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