Four Months Old!

March 23, 2012 § 2 Comments

Messy Baby is four months old today. Four months old!! Where have the last four months gone?!

The Messy Kids

Messy Baby. Where do I start. He is starting to develop a real individual personality. He giggled while awake for the first time yesterday – he’s been giggling in his sleep for a few weeks, as if practising.

He loves standing up, weight-bearing on those little legs. He can hold himself upright in a sitting position, and loves sitting if helped with a bit of balance. He is obsessed with his older brother! Loves baths, loves swimming, is now happy with going underwater and has almost perfected not breathing the water in 😉 Loves his playgym which we rescued from the attic at the weekend. Is almost rolling over – he can roll onto his tummy if he’s rooting desperately for a boob that’s no longer in bed!

He’s started clutching things deliberately, that’s this week’s development. Grasping objects and bringing them to his mouth to investigate. Reaching for things. He’s discovered his feet are fun to hold! Feet are so good in fact that the other night we went up to find him cuddling Messy Boy’s foot (who was fast asleep), although he was protesting loudly that it wasn’t mummy. Today I finally discovered something that he will chew on other than knuckles. All other teething toys and offerings have been spat out. A chunky wooden spoon however – yes please!!


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