Pillowcase painting

April 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

We painted pillowcases today!

We used paints in tubes with spongey bits at the end, I’m not quite sure what kind of paint it is AND I’m not quite sure yet whether I want to fix the colours or whether I’m going to quietly hope that they wash out over the course of the next few months. Or at least tone down the garishness!!

We started by putting a sheet of card into the pillowcase. I opened up a few empty cereal packets and used that card. Folded over the excess edges and taped them down on the other side.

pillowcase painting

I found a colouring book of Messy Boy’s and copied a few designs out of it onto the pillowcases, figuring that whatever happened paint-wise at least there would be some kind of guide to colouring.

pillowcase painting

At it was Messy Boy is showing that he can be very deliberate about where he paints, if he is given a guide. I told him that it didn’t matter where he put the paint, or what colour went where, and that it was entirely up to him – but it had to be deliberate and not just scribbling with the paints. He really thought about it! The paints that we used needed a bit of squeezing to get enough paint through to paint onto cotton and he’s not yet got the stamina to keep squeezing so I helped out quite a bit but we did have fun.

There were a couple of traumatic moments when I painted something the wrong colour and it sparked off an almost complete meltdown. Even apologising and asking what I could do to make things better didn’t help – we had to move on to a new pillowcase and start over. Once we’d got through that pillowcase I was able to go back to the first and carry on painting, following Messy Boy’s instructions on where to put the colours.

He is still going through a phase of loving blue (and black, and to be honest I’m quite glad there wasn’t a black in this set of paints otherwise my pillowcases would have been black and blue only!), so I confess to suggesting different colours for different bits of the pictures.

Which he agreed to.

And then added blue.

So here are our garish monstrocities: I think I will give them a hot wash once they are completely dry and set in a half-hearted attempt to fix the colours, and then hope that they gradually fade!! Who knows, even if the colours come out the sharpie drawings will still be there and we can simply colour it all in again and again 🙂

pillowcase painting

pillowcase painting

pillowcase painting

pillowcase painting

pillowcase painting


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