Messy Baby’s Baby-Led-Weaning Adventure – playtime!

May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Messy Baby has been interested in everything I am holding for a few weeks now. He grabs for my drinks. He tries to steal my breakfast. I can’t eat with him on my lap because he tries to swipe everything off my plate onto the floor – his grabbing action hasn’t been too hot. Until now… He’s not yet six months old though, so I’m not massively fussed about food.

He’s had a couple of sticks of pepper, and some sticks of toast, in efforts to stop him attacking my plate. I’ve not really been ready for the mess to be honest! Having done BLW with Messy Boy I’m a lot more aware of the mess it creates. I’m not going into this blind!! No longer can I say I’m doing it because I’m lazy and can’t be bothered with purees or spoon feeding. It makes a LOT of mess. I have no idea how much he’s actually going to eat. It could take months for him to eat anything. (He could then do a Messy Boy and decide a couple of years down the line that he will only eat pasta with cheese sauce, ham, and cereal. After all that tasting and exploring! Sigh…)

But, that’s the point.

Everything that goes into his mouth, is to be by his choice. My part of the bargain is to provide him with lots of different stuff to try. To make sure that as far as possible it’s nutritionally balanced, doesn’t have much salt in, and avoids danger foods like honey. HIS part of the bargain, is to have a go. If he can pick it up and get it to his mouth, he can try it! And I’ll be doing a LOT more washing and cleaning now…

Today, we did homemade chips. They were good. REALLY good. Messy Dad rocks. I love his homemade chips. Messy Baby sat in his bumbo on the table next to me, picking up his chunky keys and having a good old chomp on them. Messy Dad and I had soup, Messy Boy had chips. We were pretending to be at a cafe! Messy Baby was getting bored with his keys so we picked out a chip and offered it to him…

I’m pretty sure chips aren’t really the best first foods… but it was what we were eating. And it was grabbable! Baby LOVED it. He squished it on the way to his mouth. He squashed it. That made him stop and look at it.

Messy Boy, by comparison, had chopped up pear as his first food. He certainly didn’t attack it like Messy Baby attacked his chip. He chased his pear around the tray with his mouth instead!!

Messy Boy, March 2008. First tastes: pear!

He got quite a lot in his mouth, to be fair – but, as with everything else he’s tried so far the actual swallowing part is still not happening. Doesn’t put him off though, he just kept dropping it out, and having another go!

Squish, squish, squash…

But he’s picking it up well! Oh my goodness look at that teeshirt… to be fair it wasn’t exactly clean before he sat down, it had a fair old bit of drool on it anyway…

And getting it to his mouth. That’s the idea, kid!

Those hands….

And that teeshirt. Bibs at mealtimes from now on.

There’s determination for you!

What next? What do we do once the food is actually in the mouth?


He’s pretty sure it’s not just supposed to stay there. But he’s still learning which way it’s supposed to go next… i.e. not back out the way it came. But I’m sure he’ll get there!


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