June Craft Packs!

June 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

The June Craft Packs should have arrived at their various destinations by now – I’m excited to see what you get up to with them! Here’s how Messy Boy and I got on…

He did quite a bit by himself. I was impressed because he drew the circle spots on the ladybirds wings himself using my sharpie – talk about tension, hoping he wouldn’t draw anywhere else!! He asked me to colour them in though. He enjoyed liberally covering the aquarium plate with white glue, and sprinkling on the sequins. He delegated the task of putting glue on the flower petals to me, showing me exactly where to put each one. His favourite at the moment is the aquarium, he has a tinfoil covered box with a hole in the side which he uses alternately as a diving helmet, spaceman helmet or superhero helmet – and when he is being a diver he likes to go right up to the aquarium to observe it closely!!

Post your pictures on the facebook wall and I’ll try and include as many as I can in a future post!


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