Seaside Playdough

June 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have to be honest here, yesterday’s seaside playdough was not the greatest of successes. For many reasons. The playdough wasn’t one of them, it worked pretty well really, but everything surrounding it was just … well … fraught. Too much to do, and not enough playtime. Baby wanted more cuddles than usual, Grandparents were pretty busy, so Boy was kinda expected to play by himself. I didn’t have my usual store of props to raid either, and imagination levels were low!

Still. I’d made some seaside playdough from the no-cook dough from the other day. Added some builders’ sand to a third of it, along with yellow and red colouring to make it look a bit more appealing (we don’t have any play sand here), and I added blue colouring to a third. The rest I left white.

Here’s how it looked…

seaside playdough

We made flags by colouring in printer labels, and while Boy was squidging and squashing and making sandcastles using eggcups (and flour to stop it sticking!) I cut them up and stuck them to cocktail sticks.

seaside playdough

He had a lot of fun just squashing circles into the dough.

seaside playdough

seaside playdough

seaside playdough

Eventually we got round to making some sandcastles and Boy stuck the flags in before carrying on making circles!!

seaside playdough

When he’d had enough, and Baby wasn’t grouching any more, I started to clean up.

But not before having a play of my own 🙂

seaside playdough

I’ve bagged the dough up and will be taking it home to play with there, with my store of shells and pebbles and cotton wool!

In the meantime, here’s some good ideas for ocean and sandy playdough play!


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