Beautiful Mess

July 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

I was challenged to think about what I tidy up at the end of the day by the Nurture Store. My house feels like it’s in a permanent state of chaos, to be honest – we are living through renovations and as soon as we reclaim one room, it gets filled up with stuff from another room so that we can work on that one. And of course we’re working on all of it all at once because we need all of it with two young children!

But there are times when I look at the mess and my perspective changes, and this is when I’m glad I found a new phrase to let go through my mind:

oh what a beautiful mess

Because, quite often it’s a result of the most fabulous imaginative play. To sit and listen to Messy Boy play gives a fascinating insight into what he’s processing at the moment! The things his toys say to each other, the problem scenarios they face, the solutions they come up with, the developing independence – it’s amazing.

And then we get to learn about putting precious toys away, things that he’s not keen on letting Messy Baby play with, and things that might hurt Baby.

And then, there’s Messy Baby’s own special brand of mess…… because we’re doing “baby led weaning” with his food, it does tend to create a lot of mess. The wall behind where he sits is not faring particularly well – it’s going to need sanding down and re-painting soon I think!! This morning Messy Baby was given a non-slip mat for his tray, and a bowl that stuck to the mat. Messy Baby LOVED being able to choose what he was going to eat next, without it instantly being knocked off his tray! I still have to keep an eye on him because he’s managed to learn ALREADY how to remove the non-slip mat from his tray…

messy baby breakfast baby-led-weaning


If you like the painting, there are a few poster prints available to buy!


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