We Do Love

July 2, 2012 § 2 Comments

Do you remember the homemade fingerpaints we made the other week, and the painting Messy Boy and I did? Well, I finally got around to drawing on it! I can’t take credit for the words although boy would I love to ;o) If you know where they originated, please let me know!

Following on from yesterday’s Beautiful Mess, this is the latest thing I’ve committed to canvas. It means a HUGE amount to me. This whole parenting thing especially. And our marriage. We make so many mistakes, but we’re learning that actually making mistakes is ok. They’re not bad in themselves. We learn through making mistakes. It’s how we deal with the mistakes, how we learn from them and move forward rather than making the same mistake over and over. And we learn how to say sorry, and we learn how to do second (and third, and fourth, and on and on) chances, and we learn about grace and just how big it is.

In this house we do love we do i'm sorry we do grace

And right now, “we do loud reeeeeeeally well” is ringing in my ears with Messy Boy’s non-stop noise-making, whether that’s singing or shouting or squealing or drumming or being a racecar or a spaceship or hammering and fixing things, and Messy Baby’s contented gurgling or insistent shouting or happy squealing when presented with a juicy strawberry!

Being genuine with each other, being “real”, is also a big part of our lives. Honest emotions are so important. When you are honest with your emotions, it is not emotional blackmail. It is truth! And then you learn how to deal with those emotions safely, without bottling them up inside. We do funny too 🙂 Messy Baby is growing up laughing! And Messy Boy – well. Last night we were remarking at how he is such a serious wee man. And then he just came out with some crazy gobbledegook, waggling his head around and cackling loudly – yeah, he’s the serious one, alright….

We do hugs. A lot. Big ones. Physically connecting with each other. A gentle touch, through to a big bear hug, all speaking volumes where words just wouldn’t do the feeling justice. We are a family! When Messy Dad and I married, we became “one” unit. Our lives changed to accommodate each other – neither of us was just tacked on to the other, we are not two individuals who just happen to occupy the same space. And when our children came along they weren’t just tacked on to our husband-wife dyad, they became part of our lives, and we changed to accommodate them because they are as much a part of us as we are of each other.

we do love the messy mama

But most of all, we do this thing called Love.

Jesus came along and said the commandments that God gave way back when were great but they lacked one great big thing – grace. And the new commandments that Jesus gave, Love God, and Love your neighbour like you love your Self, encompassed everything. But Jesus brought grace into the equation to say that no matter how much we mess up, God still will love us.

And I hope that the way Messy Dad and I interact with each other, by ourselves and in front of our children, and the way we interact with them, is genuine, heartfelt, full of grace, and full of love.

It’s here, if you’d like a copy 🙂


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