Everybody’s Different

July 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

How many times have you thought, ohhhh that’d be such a fab thing to do with my little one, only to find they were stunningly underwhelmed?! Yeah, me too – lots! Today I made pizza and invited Messy Boy to help me decorate it… he sounded like such a stroppy teenager with his grumpy “no” response!


The craft kits that I do, he will tolerate but wants to get on with other stuff usually.

Decorating biscuits – well, he’ll do a couple, eat one, and delegate the rest.


Playdough – ha! He loves it! Especially if it involves burying his tractor!!


Painting – doesn’t especially enjoy getting his hands gloopy. I really hope it’s a phase he grows out of. On the other hand, or possibly foot, give him a canvas and some paint on the floor and take his socks off and he’ll slip and slide in the paint until the paper gives up and breaks!


What have you tried with your little ones that you’ve discovered were an unexpected hit (or miss)?


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