Invitation to play – shells and glass beads

August 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

The other morning while we were waiting for a friend to come round (one of mine, not Messy Boy’s!) I set up this invitation to play, inspired by something I saw on The Imagination Tree. I used glass beads, mother-of-pearl shell pieces, a hat, oven dish, chopping board and egg carton. I wanted to have different colours and textures, and different types of things for the beads and shells to be put into.

themessymama invitation to play - shells and glass beads

Messy Boy was intrigued.

He played as I kind of wanted him to play for a few minutes, we saw how high we could pile the glass beads into the spaces in the egg carton, and he loved the noise made as they were tipped back into the oven dish. He played about 5 minutes like this.

I didn’t bargain on Wenlock and Mandeville joining us though!

themessymama invitation to play - wenlock and manderville go sailing

Another half hour plus later, he was STILL taking Mandeville and Wenlock sailing around the table in their egg-carton boat, picking up shell and glass-bead passengers, and crashing into oven dish icebergs!!


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