Nine months old, and three years and ten months old….

August 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Messy Baby is nine months old already – I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone by!

Our mini chatterbox who rarely shuts up, wittering away in Messy Baby language: he makes some good attempts at words including mama (mama, funnily enough) mummy (mummi), brother (ba), more (maaa) and makes a good attempt at signing “more food”. He crawls in a funky Mowgli style, cruises, occasionally stands and lets go and balances – he’s got pretty decent balance, is very sturdy on his feet, will walk quickly when holding on with both hands to your fingers until he gets where he wants to go, and will walk a little slower if holding on with just one hand. He sleeps at night (no middle of the night playtimes here thank goodness), eats or at least tries whatever you put in front of him, knows that spoons are useful but has only got as far as trying to pick up both spoon and food in the same fist. He loves his mama milk still! He will accept sticky porridge and hulled strawberries for breakfast but will shout if you make toast and don’t offer him any. He wrestles with his brother, tickles him and laughs with him, wants to be with him. He loves his brother. He’s in size 9-12 month trousers if he’s got a big nappy on, or 3-6 months with a ‘sposie. And 6-9 months in teeshirts so no consistency there! He doesn’t have any teeth yet. He doesn’t like being picked up by strangers – or even friends, unless he’s got to know them a bit first. He doesn’t like medicine – of any sort, but especially not piriton, the antihisthamine syrup. He doesn’t like having his face cleaned after eating because usually by then Messy Boy is off playing and he wants to be too! He loves his stacking cups, the duplo, Boy’s shoes, and whatever Boy is playing with. He will amble around the house with a drinking straw stuck in his mouth, happy as anything. He sleeps nestled under my right arm, or in the wrap, or in the car. He likes wandering round with his tongue sticking out….. He’s as much of a loony as his brother is and I still can hardly believe I’ve been blessed with the two of them sometimes!


Messy Boy is three years and ten months old – we’ve started the two month countdown to his birthday. Preparations are afoot for a party. He says he wants a spiderman party, with a nemo cake!

He is funny and sweet, loud and boisterous, caring, charming and clever. He is rarely able to sit still, except when utterly worn out and watching a film. He tells us that we are the characters from his favourite films. We re-enact his Lego stories, and scenes from Happy Feet. We sing the spy theme from Cars 2 together. He has decided he likes coffee, and is finally starting to eat things other than just cheese sauce and pasta – now we can put sausages, mashed potato and beans back on the list! He loves his matchbox cars, automobloks and lego, he’s pretty darn good playing on the Wii, but is happiest playing with random objects he finds lying about the house, using his imagination to its fullest, inhabiting what seems to us on the outside as the most amazing world inside his head! He makes friends with anybody who stands or sits still long enough to listen, telling them his name and that he’s 3 years old and is going to be 4 next, showing them his knee (the scar is fading finally from his recent big ouches) and his spiderman shoes, showing them he can balance on one foot, and hop! He befriended an elderly lady in the cafe yesterday who was most enamoured by him. She had boys of her own, chatterbox boys. They were all grown up now with grandchildren of their own!

He’s looking forward to being FOUR years old.
And now it’s time to take another cocktail stick out of our potato calender, marking down the days until Gran and Grandad arrive for a visit – Messy Boy is HOPPING with excitement already!


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