Messy Baby Painting

September 10, 2012 § 1 Comment

Ok… maybe mess isn’t so bad after all 😉

paper rolls

Here’s the paper rolls. Baby thought they were fascinating.

messy baby paper rolls

So he helped choose which ones to use. Kind of. He mainly transferred the rolls from one place to another. I think there’s still one under the sink.

harlequin floor!

I used a LOT of masking tape. I was going to use lining paper but having changed into painting clothes I discovered an almost catastrophic lack of lining paper – but in its place was a new roll of large pieces of sugar paper. Result!

ready and waiting to paint...

Ready to go. We collected all our paints and bits from our craft drawers, and Baby helped push the trolley back into the kitchen. That was his first go at walking holding onto the trolley rather than our hands, he was pretty good at it! He was far more interested in the contents of the trolley though…

testing the brushes

I misfired one of the paint bottles and got Baby by mistake…. he looked a little taken aback but carried on testing the brushes for me.


I love splattering paint around. REALLY love it. Baby carried on investigating the contents of the trolley! He wasn’t massively keen on squidging the paint.

all done

And here we have it: the finished papers. I don’t think many of them will make it into Messy Mama Artwork but who knows. Maybe I’ll fall in love with one or two of them once they’re dry.

painted baby

All ready for a shower with Mama. Beautiful!

This was Baby’s first encounter with paint. He wasn’t massively keen on the texture of it, I have to admit! It was a short-lived, very messy, paint attack – but as first encounters go, it wasn’t bad! Baby was very tired though, we have not been sleeping well and he grouched his way through our shower afterwards, and was asleep within minutes of snuggling on the bed together.

I must remember, even while encouraging him to explore paint and texture and all that kind of stuff, that he isn’t Messy Boy and his loves will be different. I must remember to not be blinded by my own love of music and art, to be able to notice what kind of things make him tick as he grows!


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