Messy Mama In Training….

September 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have a confession to make.

I really don’t enjoy mess!!

I live in a building site (it’s getting better) but I like my little bits of ordered, clean, calm.

A lovely friend introduced me to the concept of getting messy with my kids last summer and I LOVE her for it. Even if I was having to physically restrain myself from intervening when Messy Boy decided that painting my feet (as well as the paper) was a good idea! Glad we were outdoors at the time…

Anyway as yet Messy Baby hasn’t yet been included in our messy endeavours. Over the summer, with all the clubs and preschools closed, any craft or art that we’ve done has been centered on Messy Boy.

But school starts this afternoon. Monday afternoons, and Friday afternoons: they’re going to be Messy Baby’s time! And I really hope that we can start to explore art and creating together.

I think that the summer closure of clubs is only really an excuse to be honest. There’s a big part of me dreading doing messy art with Baby. Just imagine the mess… Even if I do cover the kitchen floor with lining paper and strip him naked and have a bath ready and waiting, it’s going to be Messy.

Wish me luck!

Here’s my planning list:

  • Run bath
  • Tape paper to floor
  • Find paints
  • Collect tools – paintbrushes, sponges, scrubbing brushes, corks, stampers
  • Strip baby
  • Squirt paint onto paper, add baby
  • Join in!
  • Hope husband comes home in time to entertain the boys while I clean the kitchen again 😉



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