Just keep digging…

September 19, 2012 § 2 Comments

Dig dig digging, just keep digging…

I finally dug up the digging patch today! My back is going to pay for it but I think it is going to be well worth the effort.

The boys helped of course. Initially Boy was indoors watching a movie and asked if Baby could stay with him, but Baby had other ideas and made a noise like a siren going off to alert Daddy to the fact that he’d rather be outdoors. He didn’t half wail when I walked back into the living room with him to fetch his jumper, he thought I was going to put him down again! He stopped as soon as I opened the back door though, and started his little happy yapping as he followed Boy outside 😀

So Boy dug, and helped kinda; and Baby tried to eat the dirt, and hit it with a rake, and climbed in and out of the slowly (very slowly) deepening pit, shrieking little happy shrieks in between mouthfuls of dirt. I’m so glad I’m finally getting round to removing as much rubble as possible from that patch.

Two huge tubfuls of rubble later (including a large amount of broken glass) and a massive mound of soil and worms, and I think we’re done. There’s about 6″ depth of digging done on average, which I think is plenty deep enough to grow things from bulbs, and to dig around in. I’m going to bury treasure in it on occasion too, I found an awesome idea for dinosaur eggs somewhere!

It took a good couple of hours to dig out this pile of earth. Mainly because I had to keep stopping to allow Baby to climb and slide down Mt Mudslide, and to allow Boy to help…

I still can’t believe he was happily trying to eat dirt.

Tomorrow I’m going to get them to help (them? who am I kidding, Baby’s just going to try and eat it again) scoop the sieved soil back into their pit, and then we can add the coffee grounds and crushed eggshells and dig it all in.

I am honestly shocked at how much coffee we get through! When you’re tipping filters full of grounds straight into the compost bin you don’t really notice how much you’re getting through. When you start saving the grounds ready to add to soil, and are filling bowl after bowl, it’s quite astonishing! Was pretty happy to see a notice in the supermarket cafe yesterday offering their used coffee grounds free to anyone who wanted. Might ask for some next time we’re there!

I did save some bits of rubble though. There was a bit of broken pottery and tiles, and some pretty stones, and a couple of huge bent rusty nails so I think once they’re cleaned up we’ll start a treasure box and once we’ve got a fair amount we can have a go at making those cement tiles.

In the meantime there are a few things we could try growing. As well as daffodil bulbs, we could plant garlic ready for spring, and onions too. Potatoes need to go in their own bag really, maybe that’s a job for this week as well, to tip out the old potato bags and start again. If we plant potatoes now they could be ready for Christmas which is just a little bit exciting!!


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