September 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Quite frankly, I am astonished!!

On a high from finishing digging out the boys’ digging patch, and with my shiney new sieve to use, I thought I’d see what was left in the old potato bags that have been languishing down the garden. Two years ago (I think) I bought a couple of potato bags and some tubers, planted them quite late, looked after them badly, and harvested a tiny handful from one entire bag on Christmas Day.

I pretty much left and forgot about the other bag.

So imagine my astonishment when this haul was uncovered from the other bag today!! For a bag that has been pretty much ignored for the last two years this is incredible.

So, I am inspired to try again. I get regular emails from Thompson & Morgan who I initially bought the tubers from, so I knew that now was the time to plant chitting potatoes to grow for a Christmas harvest.

Baby helped with the sieving by trying to pull out and eat the pretty yellow potatoes, Boy helped by putting the potatoes into his truck when the little dish I’d fetched to put the potatoes in suddenly became far too small.

The soil looked pretty good, there was a lot of old potato matter in there which looked like it would continue to break down into compost. I might start adding my coffee grounds to the potato bags, as well as the potato food I have in the shed.

Once we’d fished out all the potatoes (and a lot of roots which may well have belonged to some big weeds that had been growing in there) we put some of the soil back in – about 8″ I guess. The boys both helped with this!

Then we looked through our haul of potatoes and chose some bigger ones that had “tails” to re-plant. (I threw in the really tiny ones as well.) The boys helped to re-cover the potatoes, and then we watered them in.

I really hope that we remember to go out and take care of them this time.

Which reminds me – Boy came home from our Wednesday toddler group with a carton of cress seeds for me to water…. better go take a look at them!

Tomorrow or Monday I need to strip some of the copper wire sitting in a pile outside the kitchen and coil it around the base of the bags, stop the slugs and snails getting to my spuds… I’d rather not have to resort to pellets, not with Charley’s taste-testing habit of full at the moment!


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