Big Messy Art with my Four Year Old

November 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

These days it’s pretty difficult to do any big art with Messy Boy while Messy Baby is around. Messy Baby is interested in everything, but trying to contain him while we paint – well I can only imagine it being akin to herding cats.


Yesterday I enlisted Messy Dad. Baby loves being wrapped up in the meitai for the occasional nap, so yesterday we played to this advantage and while Baby napped in the afternoon, Boy and I got messy! We did three big canvases in the end, more than I’d prepared for, although I really should know better by now than to only cut one piece!

Messy Boy was in his ELEMENT. I mean, seriously. His whole voice changed as well, instead of the stroppy 4 year old painting with me, I had the happy child squeaking in contentment, being a happy squeaking baby dinosaur scratching up “food” from the paint tray and leaving footprints as he took the food to his babies. Happy as anything. When the bottom layer of paint had dried a little bit we took a different colour and added more footprints, being careful not to squidge the colours this time. (On an interesting side note, we noticed that one of his feet has developed the most beautiful arch already!) Then we took sponges and together very carefully filled in all the white spaces that his feet had left.

I need to do more painting like that with him. I admit, yesterday I had an ulterior motive – I needed some painted papers to use as a background for a project, and as much as I would have enjoyed using my hands to cover the paper with paint, I knew Boy would love it.But seeing just how happy it made him, how all the usual world-frustrations faded into nothing, how much it de-stressed him and chilled him out: I need to do more with him. I have no idea what I’m going to do with all the paintings.

Maybe I should just keep them, and one day exhibit them on his behalf. I think they’re beautiful anyway.

His arms and legs are still a little bit green tonight šŸ™‚

Happy times!


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