Painting and storytelling

January 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

Bean decided today that he wanted to do some painting. We started off painting with some cheap watercolours but it was soon pretty evident that they were simply not providing the sensory experience that Bean was after! SO we cooked up a batch of fingerpaint and had fun mixing in the colours before getting paper ready. I only make primary colours (red, yellow and blue) when getting paints out because we can then work on how to make the different colours we need as we go along.

First off we explored the colours, to see how rich they were and to see how well the mixed to make our secondary colours of orange, green and purple. Purple didn’t work so well but the green was rather gorgeous!

We started to explore using different tools for mark-making, using the playdough tools I bought last week (promise I’ll blog our latest playdough adventures soon!) and we decided we needed a fresh canvas to continue this.

Bean chose blue and green for his base so we put dollops of blue and yellow on the paper after remembering they would make green together. Then he started his adventure by using his hands to cover the paper with paint.

Then he asked for the squiggle cutter, and began his story….. The ice is breaking, it’s breaking up! It’s cracking, mum, look, it’s cracking… We’ve been watching a lot of Ice Age while we’ve been up here in Manchester, and most of Bean’s storytelling was based on what he’s been watching. We’ve also been watching the BBC’s Operation Iceberg a lot so some of the things he’s learnt from there snuck into the story!

The ice did a LOT of breaking up and cracking. Then the squiggle cutter was retired and he used a different tool to make BIG cracks in the paint for a while. Now the ice was more than just cracking, it was seriously breaking up….

And once the ice had all broken up and Manny (the mammoth) had fallen in the water, and the big boat had come along and broken in half, the ice all melted and he smoothed the paint out all over the paper : )

We had a lot of fun while the Bear slept on my back! Here’s the first painting we did:

Once they’re all dry I’ll coat them with some watered-down PVA, and Bean has given me permission to draw on them ; ) I might draw his story onto the green one, about the ice all cracking and breaking and melting! I’m seriously amazed at his storytelling, it’s really quite fantastic. His narrative draws you in, and he’s so completely involved in his story. I said I’ll blog about last week’s playdough adventures and I will, but I had forgotten that his storytelling ability came out with paints too, not just playdough! It has been a pretty fab afternoon : )


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