Rainbow Playdough

January 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

Kind of unexpectedly a little while ago on a Friday I found myself child-free and did what any rational mama would do and made a break for freedom, to wander round the shops alone for ten minutes! Ten minutes turned into a little over half an hour and the little Bear was decidedly awake and had just started wailing for me when I returned, but in the meantime I managed to wander around the supermarket completely aimlessly, sure there was something I ought to be buying.

I got home with all the bits I’d need to make a batch of playdough, and fingerpaints! Good old brain, lets me down in the best possible ways sometimes!

So when we started being struck down by the horrid winter vomiting bug the next day I was glad I’d been out and got these supplies. I made up a batch of regular cooked playdough, this time though to make things easier on myself I mixed it up in a bowl and ladled out portions into the pan to cook my red, yellow and blue separately, adding the colour before cooking. Ohhhhh I love the feel of freshly cooked playdough!! I made twice as much yellow as I did blue and red, as I planned to put the dough into pots like this, ready for play:


The plain blue, red and yellow pots had piles of glitter ready to mix into them, and there were two other pots ready to mix together to make secondary colours of orange and greeen. Every opportunity I get I try and reinforce the idea of mixing colours to make other ones, one day I’m sure the Bean will remember!!

By Monday everyone had been through it and we were exhausted but needed something to do so out came the playdough. My Bean was super happy, I forget (and I think he does too) how much he enjoys playdough. He loved mixing in the glitter, and was excited about the glitter being the same colour as the dough, and then needing to share the glitter with the other colours too! He really got the hang of cutting out shapes this time as well, squashing the dough down flat and cutting out stars.



Even little Bear got involved, even if he is still obsessed with trying to eat the stuff.


The colour-mixing pots were a success too, although they came out so early on in our playtime that Bean hadn’t really got the hang of squashing and squishing so he handed it over to me to finish mixing, once we’d seen what colour it was making.


He made LOTS of stars. The star cutters were a brilliant idea!


(A couple of days later I made a batch of chocolate biscuit dough and his obsession with stars didn’t let me down – these are all his handiwork!)


Then he surprised us and asked for some scissors, to snip the ends of the stars off, to make “diamonds”. Very very diligently he started cutting all the points off his stars until my heart couldn’t cope any longer, and we substituted the scissors for a wooden knife! I know he’s good with scissors, but for some reason I was more twitchy than I usually am. Baby Bear watched intently, and added finger poked holes into the row of stars.. I’m sure he would have loved to have had a go with the scissors.


This is the invitation to play that was set up ready for the following day – small balls of coloured dough, with the star cutters, some mini cake cases, and foil wrappers. I live in hope!


This however is what I actually came home to, after taking the Bear out for a walk to get him to sleep. ALL the playdough was out and Bean and Grandma were having a whale of a time!! I think Grandma was having as much fun as Bean, she was doing the dough modelling as Bean was weaving a fantastic story, using her models and asking for others, weaving the mall into his story, The models evolved with the story, ducks laying eggs, eggs hatching, ducklings having sleepovers and visiting friends, crocodiles making friends, ponds and nests and grass – it was amazing. They were both delighted when I produced a pack of playdough tools!!



Bean was keen to show his baby brother what he’d been doing.


And keen to tell me some of the story too!


We had to clear up for dinner sadly, so the story scene was decanted into a one of these fab foil roasting trays, and Grandma made a clay soldier to keep watch over the story while we ate.



I made that dough in the hope it would be played with – never imagined the scope of the Bean’s imagination! His storytelling is hugely engaging and imaginative and he LOVES doing it!


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