Playdough storytelling

March 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

I declared a “no-tv” morning this morning after watching LOTS of DVDs yesterday. I suggested lots of different things we could do instead. Bean asked if he could watch something while I did some housework, so I let him watch an episode of Octonauts. And he didn’t want any more after that, he came and said he wanted to do some “work” now! I’m not sure I like that he considered playing with playdough or painting “work”, I might have to ask his preschool about that one.

We got the playdough out. He asked for black playdough, he likes the black stuff at the moment! Bear was given a tub of red playdough (I keep pots of various coloured dough in the fridge, if it doesn’t get destroyed it keeps really well for quite a while) and they set to work.

Bean wanted to make a beach! I have a tub of red glass pebbles and pieces of smooth shell so I went and found that. He wanted wood as well but I don’t have any driftwood at the moment. I did have, however, his velociraptor and a plastic tree and was that ok? It was, and so the story began….

The dinosaur was a mummy dinosaur and she had three eggs, and they hatched and she carried them on her head to a tree and helped them climb and play in the tree!
The Bear was having a ball with his red playdough. He was pressing glass beads and shells and playdough tooltips into his dough, and using the rolling pin to make indents in it.
Then I found Noah, and a pig, and a plastic hoop – and we had a funfair, with the pig jumping through the hoop!
Good fun this morning!!


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