Easter Playdough Chicks

March 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

We combined two loves today: paint AND playdough! Last night I made a batch of yellow playdough ready for easter playdough fun. Today we have had an abysmal day with cranky children and the playdough cheered both of them up.

I laid out the playdough in balls, and scattered some red craft feathers on the table along with some googly eyes.

Bean had a lot of fun!

easter playdough chicks
easter playdough chicks 2
easter playdough chicks 3
Bear decided he was just going to eat everything today so I was kept on my toes a fair bit more than normal. But he still had fun!
easter playdough chicks 4
Then Bean asked me to make the chicks so that he could play with them. I made some chick shaped critters for him and he put feathers in their heads and for wings and tails. Of course then they needed a nest.
easter playdough chicks 5
Then I brought out the paintings he’d done, because they looked like water! Bean was thrilled, and had a long playtime with the chicks in the water.

Bear joined in of course and did his best to flatten the chicks and eat their googly eyes.
easter playdough chicks 6
easter playdough chicks 7
easter playdough chicks 8

easter playdough chicks 8


Happy Easter everyone!


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