Painting Storytelling

March 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

Bean wanted to do some drawing. First he wanted crayons, he wanted to draw Batman, but got very frustrated that for some reason he couldn’t draw him properly. He saw that Bear was being given paints (I don’t know why, I appear to have less issue with him tasting the paints than eating crayons….) and wanted paints too, naturally!

This is how we start… Bean tells me which colour to squirt, and roughly where….
Then he gets to work….
And very soon it’s at a state that I’d be happy to draw on! However he’s rarely finished at this point…
Here’s the story beginning to take shape. The painting is his racetrack, it’s a skating racetrack! And his fingers are the skaters. They’re having a race! They go round and round, they crash into each other and fall over, they fall off the sides of the racetrack even.
And sometimes they crash into the wall……! Ooops.
This one definitely falls into the “process” category, rather than “product” 🙂

However, the first one he did, he allowed me to stop him!
paintingstorytelling6We might do some more work together on the top of this layer once it’s dry. Glitter and white and silver paint, I’m thinking!! This one, I’m hoping will be both “process” AND “product”.


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