Olbas Sensory Outdoors Rice

April 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

I made some olbas scented purple sensory rice the other week when we all had colds, thinking it would be a nice calm activity for us.

Honestly I didn’t dare get it out, knowing my two’s love of spreading this everywhere!

Today, the sun shone so I took it outside. That was a Good Plan! The Bear was interested in it for a while, preferring hands to pick it up with rather than the scoop, but enjoyed tranferring it between a few of the different containers.
Purple Green Sensory Rice
Bear and the Purple Rice
Bear and the Purple Rice
Then I found a digger and a baking tray (which lives in the garden for some reason) and he had a go at scooping with the digger. (Still preferred his fists!)
Bear and the Purple Rice
This was too much for the Bean who wanted a go too! He’d been digging in the digging patch, making soil castles.
Bean and Bear and the Purple Green Rice
Bean and the Tractor and the Rice
Bean making a happy Purple Rice mess
He played happily, scattering the rice everywhere, and then learnt how to use the dustpan and brush when he realised that keeping the rice on the sheet meant he could play longer.
Bean and the Dustpan and Brush
I’m thinking I need a sand tray or something for the rice playtime, something they can sit in, and I can line it with a sheet to collect all the rice up with afterwards…!

Good fun though, and even more so because they were outdoors getting fresh air as well. Do your children play with sensory rice? What kind of things do you get up to?


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