Anything but silent…

May 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

It may have been a but quiet on the blog front but it’s been anything BUT silent in the Messy house!

Steve has been here, there and everywhere, from mission trips to South Africa and Lesotho, to job interviews in Glasgow and Yorkshire. I think he needs some time off – at work!

We have been so busy, my happy little bumbling-along life has been taken over with groups and gatherings – all of which are good and lovely, but it does mean that in order to sustain our need for frugal living alongside all this socialising and gadding about there are things that get put on the back burner. On top of this my Bear has had a fun few weeks of taking a very long time to settle to sleep and all I want to do in the evenings is curl up! So, a lot of my “me” activities are on the back burner. Like blogging! Most of my journals are suffering at the moment. As is my breadmaking (which I’ve not blogged about) and the crochet blanket (also not blogged about yet!) that I’m working on for Bear.

It’s been pretty eventful though too. We’re embarking on a new adventure in Unschooling for the Bean (and the Bear too, by default) and if you’re interested you can follow that adventure over on my sister blog jeni and the beans. I’m still figuring out what I’ll write there and what I’ll write here, but I’ll probably keep this blog with an emphasis on kids’ art and craft, whereas the other blog will be a much wider journal on life and learning with hopefully some guest bloggers too.

Posts in the pipeline from the messy mama:
Mini Maypole crafts (from our fab home ed group)
Gardening and mud


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