How to fit a splash of painting into life…!

May 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

We go to Creation Station on a Thursday morning, which normally means that the boys aren’t interested in any more painting for the rest of the day. However today they were both looking at the paper mache balloons which have been drying on top of the piano (we have started making some big planets) and I remembered the polystyrene balls that were in the box waiting to be painted – and Bean decided that yes he would LOVE to paint them!

Thankfully we’d had a miraculously early dinner, and had some time to spare before bedtime so we got the paints out. It’s not often Bean is interested in painting actual things, so it was an opportunity not to miss. Bear was properly happy. He could hardly wait! He has grown in confidence at Creation Station and knows where everything is now, and really looks forward to painting and getting creative and messy! (Here’s hoping that he does just as well tomorrow when I’m starting work there – he’ll have all morning to wander around and get involved as little or as much as he wants, let’s hope he copes!)


So: Bean painted his planets. At our Wednesday home-ed group they showed us how to stick the poly balls onto wooden skewers and poke the skewers into the bottom of a vegetable tray so that the balls could be painted and dry without touching anything. Genius!


While he painted his planets, Bear had a large caterpillar to paint and LOVED it.


I used masking tape to see if we could create some stripes in the painting, while helping keep the caterpillar steady on the table. Very handy that the colours we were using for the planets were good colours to start the caterpillar off with!

A happy manic half hour, and my craving to do painting with boys at home has been satisfied for now. Hopefully we’ll either get more into the swing of going to a different group every day or we’ll figure out where to pare things down soon before we all get far too tired!


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