Baking Tray Printing

May 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

I saw some prints being made with paint in a baking tray earlier today and thought I’d test it myself before letting the boys loose with baking trays full of paint and me not knowing how much or how little we’d need. So while Bean was colouring in (his choice, he wasn’t interested in paint!) and Bear was asleep, I had some fun!

What you’ll need:

baking-tray-printing 1

1 baking tray per child (or adult!) – one with a lip all around, not a flat sheet
Squeezy ready mixed paint
Thick card. Ours was quite smooth. I wouldn’t suggest using regular copy paper because it really does get loaded up with paint and as soon as you pull it off the paint, the paper/card starts curling. The card was tricky enough getting it to lay flat to dry enough to peg onto our drying line.
Stampers. I used a piece of bubblewrap, and a lego block!

Start by quirting some paint into your tray. Then place your card on top, give it a squidge and a wiggle, press down and smooth out to get the paint underneath to cover as much of the paper as you can.

baking-tray-printing 7

baking-tray-printing 4

I’m re-using some of Bear’s latest paintings for this (I have my reasons, you’ll see further on down this post!) which is why that paper isn’t plain white.

Peel off and lay out to dry!

baking-tray-printing 6

baking-tray-printing 5

Once you’ve done as many as you want, it’s time to get out the stampers. Bubble wrap is great fun. I pressed the bubblewrap on the wet paint to pick up colour to transfer elsewhere. I added a bit more paint to my tray and dipped the bubblewrap in there to add extra colours as well. The lego block made some good extra patterns too!

baking-tray-printing 3

baking-tray-printing 2

I’ve been letting the boys paint on pieces of thick card rather than paper recently, and I love that they are just painted pieces of card. I know it won’t last, and I doubt it will be very long before Bean wants to paint “paintings” rather than just get the paper covered in colour, and I suspect Bear will be getting to the Big Messy Art age before very long. But while this lasts, I am giving myself the luxury of painting the reverse of their paintings and will eventually make my collection into a collaborative art journal celebrating this year of life with my messy boys.


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