Storm Art

June 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

We did some big messy art today, outside in the gorgeous sunshine (and strong winds!). It’s so lovely to be able to go outside to paint! Here’s what we got up to, painting inspired by Jupiter’s storms.

jeni and the beans

storm art

Today’s unschooling subject was Art!

Yeah yeah… ok… who am I kidding… we pretty much just had a blast 🙂 Half an hour of utter paint mayhem, followed by a cold paddling pool wash, followed by more playing in the dustbowl that the digging patch has become. And at some point one or the other of the boys managed to get paint on the backs of my arms and back. I wonder who that could possibly have been. Bean pointed at Bear. Bear didn’t say otherwise….

We’d originally started off while Bean was rustling around in the dustbowl “making storms”. We started chatting about Jupiter, about how there was a really big storm on Jupiter which had been going on for hundreds of years. I suggested maybe we could get the paints out and paint a big storm, like on Jupiter. We went indoors for a bit and looked at…

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