Looking after myself

July 29, 2013 § 1 Comment

For just over a week now I’ve been following a kind of pseudo-paleo diet. (Pseudo because I’m not being entirely strict about it, and last night had chocolate spread on pancakes for supper which is about as un-paleo as you can get.)

My teeth are shockingly bad. I’ve had issues with my teeth since as long as I can remember, been through many awful dental appointments and developed a pretty healthy fear of dentistry as a result. So I did a little research on tooth remineralisation last weekend and discovered quite a lot of very interesting things. Firsty, that wheat (or more specifically the phytic acid in wheat) is a very big issue and simply cutting out wheat from your diet gives your body a huge boost in terms of what nutrients it can finally use from the food you eat. Anyway the more and more I read, the more it led to thinking of switching to a paleo diet.

Thinking about it, it turns out, is much harder than actually doing it.

How would I cope without chocolate, or pasta, or bread?! I am a hardened chocolate addict. I love my porridge. I LOVE CARBS. Usually, I can’t get enough of them. I lived on them.

But hand in hand with the whole teeth issue, I’m also diabetic and the most problematic time of day for my blood sugars is the mornings – no matter how much insulin I seem to take, my sugars are high in the mornings and get higher so if I could cut out carbs entirely for breakfast, surely that’s going to help matters.

So I looked for paleo breakfasts, and discovered that I really really enjoyed my breakfast quiche! There’s no pastry crust, it’s just the quiche filling with as much vegetable and meat as you can pack into it. My favourite, and it only varies slightly, is this: 2 eggs, a splash of milk, chopped broccoli, prawns, a sausage (sliced), and chopped cherry tomatoes and mushrooms. I’ve been lining the base of the dish with slices of ham too. Takes half an hour to bake at 180C. And it keeps me filled and happy until well after lunchtime: this I know because instead of being peckish two hours after breakfast, I’m not hungry and am forgetting to eat lunch and sometimes forgetting to feed my family as well….!

So I’m over a week into this change of diet. I’m not looking to lose weight at all (I really don’t need to) but I need to eat healthier, I would LOVE my teeth to be better, and if it can stabilise my blood sugars as well then I’m benefitting all round. I’m not craving biscuits or chocolate, at all. AT ALL. My chocolate stash in the cupboard remains as it was over a week ago. Only the boys are eating biscuits. The brown sugar is languishing at the back of the shelf now I’m not putting any in coffee or breakfasts.

Most amazingly of all, I’m really happy about the change of diet! My body likes it, my mouth likes it, my head likes it. I’m not experiencing cravings, I’m feeling less tired (apart from when I go to bed at 3am).

It’s got to be a good thing, making the effort to do something about my lifestyle that means I’m looking after myself as well.


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