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December 7thstowaway
Not really much you can say about this – I think she must have heard us talking about going on a little roadtrip!


Let’s Paint!

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Invitation to Paint

Let's Paint!
Piper set up a lovely invitation to paint last night! She’d found a paper Christmas tablecover printed with snowmen and santas, and set the painting box on the table. And she’d even got a few paints out ready! How exciting 😀 I was excited to see the suggestion to use the paintings to make cards for the boys’ friends, but we will have to see how much they paint!

When Bean got dressed this morning he chose his “sports clothes” and announced very decisively that it was Sports Day today…. so I was a little worried about his reaction to finding Piper like this, all tucked up asleep with Duck and a couple of presents…

Sleeping soundly
Hmm. The new pyjamas got the reaction I was expecting – new clothes are only exciting if they are exactly what the boys want right at that precise moment, so having got dressed already they weren’t in the mood for pyjamas!

That said, Bear was happy. He climbed straight in for a snuggle with his beloved Duck!

Bear and Duck
We may have to go out on a bike ride and do some running races in the garden before suggesting painting I think!

Fire Rescue Piper

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fire rescue piper
She doesn’t waste much time, that Piper! Bean got this fire engine from a charity shop yesterday (the boys blew their budget of £3.20 between them by a couple of pounds unfortunately!) and played with it all the rest of the day. It even beat the present of lego that Daddy brought home!! Now that’s something.

This morning we found Piper trying to climb into the Fire Rescue Station, but she’d got stuck in the window. Bean laughed, then told Piper off for using his fire engine: “Piper, the ladder’s not meant to go that way!” The reason she was trying to get into the fire station was because that’s where she’d decided to hide their presents for today. More new pants and socks! Both boys very happy. It was Bear this time, with his new Batman (“BAT-BAT!!”) socks who decided he had to get dressed right now. Bean took a little while longer – he’d seen he weather and was not keen on going out just yet…

fire rescue boys
It’s all too rare these days to get a decent shot of my boys playing nicely side by side – thankyou Piper, for suggesting playing with the Fire Rescue Station!

Let’s make biscuits!

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let's make biscuits!

Piper WAS busy last night!! We came down to find she’d made a tower of baking things, and had left a note on this morning’s present saying “let’s make biscuits!” When the boys gleefully ripped open the wrapper they found a set of new cookie cutters and took them with them to eat breakfast 😀 We had a quick look through the tins to see if everything we needed was there and UH-OH – there’s no sugar!! We’re going to have to get wrapped up and go to the shops before we can bake!

But that’s not all Piper got up to last night. Apart from having a bit of a disco with the flashing Christmas tree lights while we were out (I had to turn them off before bringing the children in from the car to put them to bed) she’d put more fairy lights up in the kitchen! I think I might have to help her to get down….

Piper fairy lights



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Our Christmas tree arrived yesterday evening, and so after the great unveiling and the boys had gone to bed Steve and I set about getting the tree and decorations ready for the boys to dive into this morning.

I had to sort through the box of decorations box that mum and dad had left out for us. As much as I am missing my own boxes of Christmas Decorations, there’s something quite fascinating about going through the decorations box you remember from childhood and seeing what new weird things your parents have put in since you left home. Having thrown out the rubbish and removed to safety the stuff that’s not suitable for children, it’s like a great big christmassy sensory bin now!!

christmas sensory bin!

Piper in the decorations

Piper got a bit overexcited, we found her digging through the box this morning having found some tinsel!

This morning Bear must have spotted Piper as I ushered them past the tree, as he couldn’t wait to finish breakfast before running off and grabbing her proudly 😉 Next to the box of decorations Piper had left a couple of goodie bags, and when the boys opened them they discovered she’d been collecting all the decorations they’d chosen from various shops over the past couple of weeks! I was quite surprised at how long Bean and Bear stayed interested in and focussed on decorating the tree, and they did a rather magnificent job I reckon too 🙂 The tree is a marvellously happy tree now!

Piper's decoration presents

All done

Marvellously happy tree


Ready to go

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Ready to go

Piper was so excited about the prospect of going out with us today that she did her best to get the boys’ clothes ready for them. She got a bit overexcited and tried to put their socks and shoes on though…

Despite being right by the front door, Bean and Bear took a little while to find her but when they did, Bean was so excited about the “present” of new pants and socks that he got dressed instantly, without any help or encouragement, right there by the door! Bear was not so impressed and was still refusing to get dressed an hour later 😀


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This is Piper, she arrived last night! (At almost 2am, she said it took her a little while to find her hat and belt….) She brought advent calendars with her for the boys, and a letter from Santa. Santa in our house does all the coordinating of presents from giver to receiver! And there is no naughty or nice list either, Christmas happens whether or not the boys have been “good”. Whether or not we’ve had a rough year, or a smooth ride, Christmas still happens. That’s kind of the whole point of Christmas….

So Piper has arrived. She’s looking forward to spending Advent with the boys, and hopes they can become friends. (Because then she gets to stay for Christmas dinner!!)

Piper's letter

Today Bear and I have been busy tidying a space ready for the Christmas tree to arrive tomorrow evening, and after taking a pile of wood out to the shed and sweeping up a lot of leaves from the garden, we made a wreath together for the front door! Piper thought it was the perfect place to sit and watch for visitors, she was really quite pleased.


I’m rather pleased too.

She’s a kind and helpful Elf, and isn’t one of the elves sent to spy on children. She’s got a few ideas of things the boys can do to make Christmas special, and is looking forward to finding out what we do to prepare! I’m sure in her eagerness to be helpful she’s very likely going to end up in a muddle or two though, just like Bear…

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