December 1, 2013 § 1 Comment


This is Piper, she arrived last night! (At almost 2am, she said it took her a little while to find her hat and belt….) She brought advent calendars with her for the boys, and a letter from Santa. Santa in our house does all the coordinating of presents from giver to receiver! And there is no naughty or nice list either, Christmas happens whether or not the boys have been “good”. Whether or not we’ve had a rough year, or a smooth ride, Christmas still happens. That’s kind of the whole point of Christmas….

So Piper has arrived. She’s looking forward to spending Advent with the boys, and hopes they can become friends. (Because then she gets to stay for Christmas dinner!!)

Piper's letter

Today Bear and I have been busy tidying a space ready for the Christmas tree to arrive tomorrow evening, and after taking a pile of wood out to the shed and sweeping up a lot of leaves from the garden, we made a wreath together for the front door! Piper thought it was the perfect place to sit and watch for visitors, she was really quite pleased.


I’m rather pleased too.

She’s a kind and helpful Elf, and isn’t one of the elves sent to spy on children. She’s got a few ideas of things the boys can do to make Christmas special, and is looking forward to finding out what we do to prepare! I’m sure in her eagerness to be helpful she’s very likely going to end up in a muddle or two though, just like Bear…


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