December 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

Our Christmas tree arrived yesterday evening, and so after the great unveiling and the boys had gone to bed Steve and I set about getting the tree and decorations ready for the boys to dive into this morning.

I had to sort through the box of decorations box that mum and dad had left out for us. As much as I am missing my own boxes of Christmas Decorations, there’s something quite fascinating about going through the decorations box you remember from childhood and seeing what new weird things your parents have put in since you left home. Having thrown out the rubbish and removed to safety the stuff that’s not suitable for children, it’s like a great big christmassy sensory bin now!!

christmas sensory bin!

Piper in the decorations

Piper got a bit overexcited, we found her digging through the box this morning having found some tinsel!

This morning Bear must have spotted Piper as I ushered them past the tree, as he couldn’t wait to finish breakfast before running off and grabbing her proudly 😉 Next to the box of decorations Piper had left a couple of goodie bags, and when the boys opened them they discovered she’d been collecting all the decorations they’d chosen from various shops over the past couple of weeks! I was quite surprised at how long Bean and Bear stayed interested in and focussed on decorating the tree, and they did a rather magnificent job I reckon too 🙂 The tree is a marvellously happy tree now!

Piper's decoration presents

All done

Marvellously happy tree



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