July Craft Kits

June 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

July Craft Kits were posted out this morning!!

the messy mama july craft kit teaser

We’re going on our holibobs!

Actually, we really are going on our holidays soon. To a sandy beach! (We live next to a pebble beach) Looking forward to sand between our toes…. and in the sandwiches….


June Craft Packs!

June 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

The June Craft Packs should have arrived at their various destinations by now – I’m excited to see what you get up to with them! Here’s how Messy Boy and I got on…

He did quite a bit by himself. I was impressed because he drew the circle spots on the ladybirds wings himself using my sharpie – talk about tension, hoping he wouldn’t draw anywhere else!! He asked me to colour them in though. He enjoyed liberally covering the aquarium plate with white glue, and sprinkling on the sequins. He delegated the task of putting glue on the flower petals to me, showing me exactly where to put each one. His favourite at the moment is the aquarium, he has a tinfoil covered box with a hole in the side which he uses alternately as a diving helmet, spaceman helmet or superhero helmet – and when he is being a diver he likes to go right up to the aquarium to observe it closely!!

Post your pictures on the facebook wall and I’ll try and include as many as I can in a future post!

May Craft Kits

May 1, 2012 § 2 Comments

The May Craft Kits should have arrived by now! Are you excited?!

Messy Boy and I are starting to think about June already but before then we’ve got to share what we got up to with our May kit.

We made….

Raindrop Suncatchers

Messy Boy actually really enjoyed this craft. He particularly liked his addition of glitter!! We got a lot of glitter everywhere!

He thought it was hilarious to hang the raindrops off the washing line, to see the sunlight through them. They’ve been around our living room a bit too!


Sunshine Windmills

Ok so Messy Boy actually barely helped with this one – he was too interested in everything else that day!! He was fascinated helping Daddy to push the split pin through each layer of card though.

As a result there’s not a great deal of decoration on our windmill picture. But it does look pretty on the mantle!

Rainbow Love

This is a craft from This Simple Home which I just loved.

This one was a thinking craft. To get Messy Boy thinking about all the different things that he likes. And to say thankyou for each of them, as we wrote them on the hearts. He coloured in a few hearts too. It’s at this point that I will say I wish I had a child who loved crafting, but I don’t!! He prefers getting covered in paint (which to be honest I’m quite happy about, a boy after my own heart!) It does make road-testing these crafts a little tricky though!

Once I’d written all the things he loved onto the hearts I stuck the hearts onto the strings for him as he was off racing toy cars along the floor. I added this verse from the Bible: 1 John 4:16 “God is love. Whoever lives in love, lives in God, and God in him.

Messy Boy came back later to colour in the cloud!

It’s on display now, to remind us all to be thankful ❤

Did you get a craft pack this month? Don’t forget to send us your pictures via the facebook page and you could see them featured in a blog later on this month!

Craft Kit chaos

April 20, 2012 § 2 Comments

My house is being taken over with craft pack bits and pieces again!! Here’s a sneak peek at the May kit…

Messy Mama Craft Kits are here!

April 2, 2012 § 1 Comment

I’ve been wondering what to do with The Messy Mama while the Big Plan is still under construction. Then, about 10 days ago a friend threw an idea at me, for mail-offer craft packs for, as she put it, people like her who maybe don’t have the imagination or the know-how or time to do crafts with their little ones.

After a day’s thought I figured I’d give it a go and a week later the first 7 trial packs went out to some lovely testers and their mums and carers!

Here’s what they got up to….

Messy Mama Easter Craft Kit - your pictures

Daisy, 2yrs 11months, making

Messy Mama Easter Craft Kit - your pictures

Daisy's Easter Cross

Messy Mama Easter Craft Kit - your pictures

Katie's Easter Cross

Messy Mama Easter Craft Kit - your pictures

Boo says, "It looks like Jesus" :0)

Messy Mama Easter Craft Kit - your pictures

Daisy, concentrating

Messy Mama Easter Craft Kit - your pictures

Daisy's Easter cards

Messy Mama Easter Craft Kit - your pictures

Boo's Easter Hat: "I want my Easter hat! Where is my Easter hat? I NEED MY EASTER HAT"

Want one?

The May craft pack is available to order through the facebook page now!! It costs £7.39 (payable by paypal) and closing date for orders is April 13th. There’s only a limited number available this month so get your name down quickly!

And because I really should give credit for some of these craft ideas, sun hats and wellie boots is where the Easter Crown is from!

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